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(Our famous guarantee)

The following is a detailed explanation of our sales guarantee. It is given to clarify the guarantee as written on our sales contracts, and covers most of the questions we are frequently asked.
1) The puppy/adult must have been sold by Springset Gordon Setters, at full price and the registration and guarantee in effect. Rescue dogs placed at a considerably lower price than our standard guaranteed pups do not qualify for replacement, and are required to be neutered or spayed.
2) There cannot be any name change in the dog's registration after it leaves our hands. The puppies leave the kennel already named on the AKC registration application. If the name is changed by the new owner prior to being sent to the AKC for full registration, the guarantee is void. This prevents some names that are definitely NOT acceptable to us being given to the dogs.
3) If the dog is subsequently sold by the person who purchased it directly from us, the guarantee is not carried over to the new owner/third party. This (hopefully) prevents a resale business in our dogs.
4) If the dog in question is out of Springset stock, but not obtained directly from us, the guarantee is not in effect. It is up to the breeder to place a guarantee on their puppies that they feel is appropriate.
5) The cause of death or ill health of the dog is a factor. For example, we do not replace (normally, but it has been known to happen under special circumstances) pups or dogs that have been hit by a car, or have other fatal accidents such as poisoning, or falling down stairs, etc. We do replace for ANYTHING that may be considered a genetic or congenital health defect, including but not limited to cataracts, cancer, hip dysplasia, CCA, or failure to be able to be bred, etc.
6) The duration of the contract is five (5) years. In other words, all of the above is in effect until the dog's 5th birthday (for disposition, hunting ability, hips, eyes, or any other congenital defect that would preclude it from being bred).

Please Note: You do not have to return your dog to Springset to get a replacement dog!  We assume that you love your dog, that your Gordon is a member of your family.  We consider even the suggestion of returning your beloved family member to get a replacement dog, emotional blackmail.  We also consider that anyone who would be willing to do so, the kind of person that we don’t want owning one of our Gordons!