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These are the litters that we have proposed for this coming season.  Please note that if the breeding has been made there will be a due date after the litter title and if it has not yet been made, it may be noted as "proposed" with a guessed date of availability.   Some of these breedings may not take place or sires may change. Man proposes and God disposes! However, while the sires may change the litter characteristics should stay the same.  Deposits placed early ensures “dibs” on that litter.

For more information on how the Springset deposit works, please see our Costs And Book Orders page.

Thank you!


Proposed litters for 2023: 

(Please note that God is in charge of ovulation and conception.  Sires may change in some cases with another compatible sire).

Please call first to see what the availability may be on any of these litters.



Ace x Kali, due early February 2023

Ace is a son of Night and Minnie. He is extremely dynamic on point, very laid back in the house and is all around a very lovely boy. He is quick to play ball but just as quick to cuddle up. I can't say enough good things about him. His siblings have gone into elderly folks homes as trustworthy dogs for the grandkids and loving pets to devoted hunters. They do it all. I expect no less from this dog's get.

Kali is our lovely Slick x Dolly daughter who is a character supreme. She is my favorite babysitter for anything with two or four legs. She gets along with everybody...unless she happens to come across a dog that is uncool, then she just looks at them and gets a disgusted look on her face, then ignores them and finds something else to keep her happy. She is a seriously cool and fun girl who happens to love birds too.

Jamaican x Sammy, due late February 2023


This is a repeat breeding as I was so impressed with the first two. These pups are going to be larger in size than we normally make. They have gone into pet homes as well as hunting homes. They are VERY birdy, very loving and also a bit stubborn. They are not lacking in intelligence and are quick to pick things up mentally. These will not be shrinking violets but will look forward to hunt day after day then curl up with you later that day.



Zeus x Ebony

Zeus is a son of Tomi, making him a half-brother to our incredible Zack (the beautiful), Jamaican, Dolly and Penny, just to name a few. Tomi was a Reno son/grandson, mirroring his sire's great ability to be an early starter in the field, a loving, intelligent house dog and extremely non-aggressive (but not a sensitive dog, just had high standards and had better things to do than engage in arguments with other dogs). Zeus' dam was our lovely Princess, a Reno daughter out of Tula, a Libby daughter. Libby was one of Norm's personal hunting dogs and even made a television hunting show appearance. I am greatly looking forward to seeing his pups.

She most resembles Zack than any other from this mating. She is extremely sweet, loving and cuddly, yet is a bird dynamo. She is constantly taking my breath away with her pointing style and ability. She is very elegant and is maturing fabulously. I cannot wait for her pups. She is everything I had hoped for and then some. Ebony has become a water freak, loving to play in water.