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These are the litters that we have proposed for this coming season.  Please note that if the breeding has been made there will be a due date after the litter title and if it has not yet been made, it may be noted as "proposed" with a guessed date of availability.   Some of these breedings may not take place or sires may change. Man proposes and God disposes! However, while the sires may change the litter characteristics should stay the same.  Deposits placed early ensures “dibs” on that litter.

For more information on how the Springset deposit works, please see our Costs And Book Orders page.

Thank you!


Proposed litters for 2024: 

(Please note that God is in charge of ovulation and conception.  Sires may change in some cases with another compatible sire).

Please call first to see what the availability may be on any of these litters.



RJ x Ebony

RJ is a representative of our older lines of Bullet and Magic. Some really amazing hunters have come from this line. Bullet is related to most of the Springset dogs and Magic was one of Norm's personal hunters. This dog will have an incredible nose along with strong desire and a sharp brain.

She most resembles Zack than any other from this mating. She is extremely sweet, loving and cuddly, yet is a bird dynamo. She is constantly taking my breath away with her pointing style and ability. She is very elegant and is maturing fabulously. I cannot wait for her pups. She is everything I had hoped for and then some. Ebony has become a water freak, loving to play in water.

I expect this litter to be a loving house pet with a fabulous ability to find birds. They will be roughly 50#, a nice medium build. Will be excellent for grouse, woodcock, quail, pheasant.

Jackson x Stella

Jackson is a loving, loyal boy who hunts in every climate imaginable. He is the best Gordon his owner has ever had, a true partner in every sense of the word. Jackson has hunted in the south and throughout the midwest. He is a stunning boy, roughly 50#. His sire was our incredible Hilts, known for his loyalty, brains, and bird desire. Hilts would retrieve from land or water and sometimes even dive for birds underwater. Hilts' dam line goes back to Norm's all time favorite bitch and seminar dog, Sarah. Jackson's dam was our beautiful Jess, a small field girl who was born knowing how to do, well, everything!

Stella is a very lovely, sweet, and bold girl who is showing very strong way of moving, quartering nicely and not afraid to bust through brush. She is very birdy and also quite cuddly.

I expect these pups to be an excellent reflection of their parents, smart, bold and beautiful while being very laidback in the house, loving every family member wholeheartedly.

Zeus x Tempest

Zeus is from our Reno line, a dog that knows how to do everything naturally, including retrieve. His pups are showing very canny birdwork, not letting anything get by. Zeus is a very smart guy, wonderful housedog and he even has a wonderful sense of humor! Zeus' mother comes from the line of Libby. Libby was one of Norm's personal hunting dogs and even made a television hunting show appearance.

Tempest is one of my personal favorites; she's beautiful, sweet, fun, playful and sharp as can be when it comes to birdwork. She is a complete natural at everything and is producing this quality in her pups. She is Hilts' granddaughter and comes from that excellent Reno line as well.

These pups will range from low 40's to most likely a few reaching upper40's/50#. Tempest usually diminishes size in her pups, a fabulous factor to have.

Flash x Kali

Flash is Stella's brother, a lovely example of his great-grandfather Cause. Cause was one of those dogs that you could simply do anything with, he was game for it all. Nothing really phased him, even something done for the first time. A calm, steady dog with very handsome looks, sharp intensity on point and a lovely was of moving. His line has not only shown well in the show ring (champion status) but has also represented very well in the field. A true dual dog. Flash also is game for just about anything and is showing some strong Reno/Cause lines as well. He is bird crazy, can't get enough of them when outside but when inside is as relaxed as can be. You'd never think it was the same dog.

Kali is our resident imp. She loves to play, is an excellent babysitter, gets along well with anybody. She loves birds, toys, and probably long walks on the beach! Her kids are very personable and fun. She loves children of any size.

I predict that these pups should be very birdy, brightly colored (black/tan), with very fun personalities. I can see this dog amidst a large family and handling it very well when not limitiing out in the field.