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We would also be remiss not to mention that Brian, Norm and Sue’s only grandson (at least for the moment—hint, hint guys!) is also a wonderful help around here.  Brian is not only a wonderful and willing (!) kennel help but also a Gordon owner as well.  Brian owned Tomi, or should I say Tomi owned Brian?!  Tomi was Springset Heir Borne and he and Brian were two peas in a pod.  Often you will find them playing and wrestling together.  Tomi’s favorite thing to do was wrestle with Brian and then sit on him, sometimes even on his head!  They were a pleasure to watch. Now, Brian has Tomi's son, Zack, Springset Remember This. Zack is also a character and nothing is boring around here with Zack. He is a do it all dog.

Since 2012, Brian has been recovering from two brain surgeries to remove a baseball sized tumor (non-cancerous, thank the Lord). After the first surgery, Brian contracted Posterior Fossa Syndrome (an umbrella term for ataxia and other fun problems). He had to relearn (twice) how to stand up, walk, talk and operate his arms and hands. His beloved Gordons were there for him every step of the way and still are. Nowadays, Brian helps Laura in the kennel. He works so well with the puppies. He is slowly improving and is strong as an ox! He also helps Laura when it is time to take photos of the puppies. They love him and always give him lots of kisses. Such smart puppies, they know what side their bread is buttered on! It will be fun to watch Brian and the Gordons develop together.

We keep mentioning a new facility.  In January 2006, Springset Kennels moved to the state of Oregon.  Some may say that we also moved into a mental state as moving two households and one business (complete with 50+ dogs) is insane.  We tend to agree, but what are dog people if not a bit crazy?  The move was made into Eagle Point, OR.  Twice actually, if you consider that Laura’s family moved into the top floor of the house until their house could be built and Norm and Sue moved into the basement.  The dogs were camped out in the shop on the property with the grounds to enjoy during the day.  By the way, did you know Gordons adore snow?!  Life was tough this first year.  There were times when Norm and Sue were sharing their quarters with no less than five (yes, five) new mothers and their pups!  Did we mention that dog people are a bit crazy?  In August, Bob and Laura’s house was ready to move in to, and so the second move began.  Laura laughs now at her thought of having the office up and running in only five days!  It took two weeks just for the satellite people to get here and work out something!  Life is a bit slower here in Oregon.  It is wonderful as people can actually begin to enjoy life again in it’s many forms without having to speed through it at 80 m.p.h.!

It has taken a year for the kennel to start really settling in to their new Oregon quarters.  The family loves it and the dogs love it.  What more can you ask?

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