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Listed below are some articles of Springset.  This is just some of the articles written on Springset dogs.  Springset has also been on Coors Western Outdoorsman and was on ESPN in the fall of 2007.  Enjoy!

Outdoor Life - December/January 2001, p40 - Larry Mueller "Grouse Wranglers"

Pointing Dog Journal - July/August 1994 - Judith Strom "Springset Gordon Setters"

Gun Dog Magazine - January 1994 - Rick Van Etten "Talking with Norm Sorby"

Outdoor Life - March 1989 - Larry Mueller "Guru of Gordon Setters"

Sports Afield - September 1987 - Jerome Robinson "Gun Dogs - Quick Start Pups"

Sports Afield - October 1986 - Jerome Robinson "Gordon Setters Making a Comeback"

Outdoor Life - Larry Mueller "Seize the Moment

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