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Gordon Setter Faults

General Impression – Unintelligent appearance. The bloodhound type with heavy and big head and ears and clumsy body; as well as the Collie type with its pointed muzzle and curved tail.

The Head – Pointed, snippy, dropping or upturned muzzle, too small or large mouth.

The Eyes – Too light in color, too deep set or too prominent.

The Ears – Set too high or unusually broad or heavy.

The Neck – Thick and short.

Shoulders and Back – Irregularly formed.

The Chest – Too broad.

The Legs and Feet – Crooked legs. Outturned elbows.  The toes scattered, flat footed.

The Tail – Too long, badly carried or hooked at the end.

The Coat – Curly like wool, not shining.

The Color – Yellow or straw colored tan or without clearly defined lines between the different colors.  White feet.  Too much white on the chest.  In the black there must be no tan hairs.  It appears often around the eyes.


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