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A Brief Guide To Training

A Started Dog

The started dog you receive from Springset should be pointing staunchly, running and ranging, handling to a whistle, and retrieving at least half way, depending on the amount of training that has been put into the dog.
When you have received your started dog, get the dog accustomed to you by walking and handling the dog and keeping him near you. Before you turn him loose for the first time, be sure he knows that he is YOUR dog now.
The dog may take a little while to build rapport with you, but not much more than a week or two, AT MOST. If you feel that you are not getting off to a good start with the dog and that he is not responding to you, you are missing the boat somewhere. GET HELP! By all means, E T (exasperated trainer) phone home! (Call the kennel.) Most people that have trouble are not doing something right, as the dogs are entirely predictable.

Desired Response

Whistle Signal

To cast off the dog at the start of hunting, or to urges him on while hunting

Repeated short blasts

The short, urgent whistle blasts are encouraging to the dog, and have a positive effect to urge him on.

Desired Response

Whistle Signal

To recall the dog

One long (ten-count) blast

This long whistle blast is used because it will eventually get the dog's attention, even if he is working head down in heavy cover and has difficulty hearing at first.

Desired Response

Whistle Signal

To turn the dog while he is working

One long (15-count) and 2 short blasts

This particular pattern of whistle blasts are given because it helps cue the dog to look and then go in the direction the handler has indicated. The dog will easily learn to work hand signals using this method.

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