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A Brief Guide To Training

Giving Directions

The started dog is handled in the field by just facing the direction you wish to go and blow the "turn" signal on the whistle. The dog will "show" or "check" in front of you - he will not come in all the way, but will run by 25 to 50 feet away from you and go on working. He may also pop in the air to clear the cover, and glance back at you to verify the direction you are going. If you plan on changing direction, be ready when he pops up, and then give him a hand signal indicating the direction you are going; then IMMEDIATELY change your direction and go in the direction you have indicated to the dog.

If you are having problems directing the dog, the fault may lie with you. It is possible that you have NOT moved in a positive manner, but are giving the dog body English cues that indicate an uncertainty on your part as to where you are going. In some cases, a handler may move too slowly, or not move at all. This is not directing the dog, and the dog may come back in to you, thinking you are through working for the day. In the field ALWAYS move in a positive, assertive manner. Remember that the better bird dogs cue off their handlers.

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